1976/77 ACQUIRE Game Not Played Condition Tiles Still on Trees With Wild Tile Kit and Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE


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This 1976/1977 Avalon Hill Edition of ACQUIRE comes with a Wild Tile Variant Kit, an enlarged Information Card, and Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE.  This ACQUIRE game has never been played and includes:

  • Game Board
  • 108 Plastic Game Tiles
  • 7 Plastic Hotel Markers
  • 25 Stock Certificates for each hotel
  • Play Money
  • 6 Information Cards
  • Instructions
The contents of this game are the same as they were 42 years ago.  All money and stock certificates are in never-been-played condition.  The tiles are still on the plastic trees and the information cards are uncut.  The original rules are missing, but an adequate substitute has been provided.  The box has moderate shelf wear, which is heaviest around the edges, and there is tape on the top of the box in the top-right corner.

Included with this game is an ACQUIRE Wild Tile Kit.  This kit fits the 3M and Avalon Hill plastic tile ACQUIRE games.  The Wild Tile Kit allows each player to start with a blank tile that can be played on any open square during their turn at any time during the game.

The ACQUIRE Wild Tile Kit includes six (6) blank plastic tiles and an instruction booklet that can be used with the 1962, 1966, 1968, 1971, 1976 and gray box plastic tile versions of ACQUIRE.  The instruction booklet is printed on yellow card stock for maximum durability and readability.

You will also receive an enlarged information card.  The information card allows for easier readability to determine hotel values and payouts at the time of merger.  It is printed on yellow card stock for greater visibility and durability.

In addition, Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE are included.  These rules were designed to help eliminate the one-sided games that can occur during game play.

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