Custom Ceramic Tile ACQUIRE Game with Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE


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This custom made ceramic tile game of ACQUIRE has been played, but is in very good condition.  This rare vintage ACQUIRE game includes:

  • Custom Constructed Cardboard Box
  • Wood Game Board with Plastic Overlay
  • Plastic Component Tray
  • 108 Ceramic Game Tiles
  • 7 Ceramic Colored Company Markers
  • 25 Ea.Stock Certificates (Printed Backs)
  • Play Money (40 $5000, 50 $1000, 40 $500, & 40 $100)
  • 6 Information Cards (Yellow Card Stock)
  • 3 Enlarged Information Cards (Yellow Card Stock)
  • 6 Wood Tile Holders
  • Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE
When I found this wood board and ceramic tiles for sale, I just had to purchase them.  I then decided to use it to put together a game.  I really don't want to sell this game, but I still wanted to display it on my website.

The box has been constructed from cardboard and then wrapped with brown wrap.

I then cut up a box from a 1962 ACQUIRE game, put the front, back, and left side panel into sheet protectors and taped them to the cardboard box.

The box seems big, but the board is a snug fit and it allowed room for the wood tile holders.  The game weighs 7 pounds.

I added a set of never-been-played stocks from the 1962/63 edition of ACQUIRE.  They have the printed backs with the 3M Logo.  (Please see the Worldwide stock certificate stack in the picture above.)

I also added a set of 1976-style play money that was printed on special colors.  This was one of my first attempts at reproducing sets of money, so it does have some curling, but is still an unused set.

The board is a very thick piece of wood with a very nice plastic overlay.  It also has four ceramic circles on the bottom of each corner to create feet.  I had seen this setup only once before I was able to secure this one.  I am at a loss as to who made these or how many there are in existence, but the board and the tiles are beautifully crafted and fit perfectly. 

The purchase of the board and tiles allowed me to create a very special and unique edition of ACQUIRE, and as you notice by the price, I really don't want to sell it.  I just wanted to let you see it.  But who knows where it goes from here.

Included with this game are Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE.  These rules were designed to help eliminate the one-sided games that can occur during game play.

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