1980's French ACQUIRE Game, Brand New and Shrink-Wrapped, with an enlarged Information Card and Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE


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This rare 1980's Schmidt France shrink-wrapped French edition of ACQUIRE comes with large Information Cards and Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE.  I was able to purchase 14 of these games from Portugal, and 12 of them were still shrink-wrapped with varying degrees of tears in the shrink wrap.  This Schmidt France French game of ACQUIRE includes:

  • Game Board
  • 108 Plastic Game Tiles
  • 7 Plastic Hotel Markers
  • 25 Stock Certificates for each hotel
  • Play Money
  • 6 Tile Holders
  • 6 Information Cards (French)
  • Instructions (French)
This edition of ACQUIRE is played on a large, light blue, plastic board.  The board illuminates the square designations quite well.  The tiles are dark blue with white lettering that makes seeing the designations very easy.  Tile holders are included and add a very nice touch to the game.

In this French edition, Airport and Festival are the lower priced hotels, Oriental, Imperial, and Luxor are medium priced hotels, and Prestige and Continental are high priced hotels.  The stock certificates have printed backs with a picture of the "ACQUIRE Man" that was displayed on the 3M and Avalon Hill game boxes.  These games will generally include five blank stock certificates.

This edition of ACQUIRE is a mirror image of Hotel Haie (Grand Hotel) that was produced by Schmidt Spiel in Germany during the 1980's, except this edition actually uses the name of ACQUIRE.  There is also a Dutch edition of ACQUIRE by a company called Selecta that has the same format of game components.  I never knew that this French edition existed until I noticed these games for sale from a person in Portugal.  This is a fantastic and extremely rare edition for the true ACQUIRE enthusiast.

When I purchased these games, I kept one that was already opened for my own collection.  I have included pictures of that game to illustrate the contents of this shrink-wrapped game.  Some games have shrink wrap that is more torn than others. These games are shrink wrapped, but not totally after 35 years of storage.  It is a first-come-first-serve basis as far as the quality of shrink wrap you will receive.

I am also unsure of the completeness of these games since I don't want to remove the shrink wrap to check them.  I would rather allow the customer to open this game for the first time.  This is absolutely a cool edition of the game of ACQUIRE and it is more aesthetically pleasing than ACQUIRE games made in the United States.

The Information Cards in this game are written in French, but with the hotel names being in English, these Information Cards are beneficial in either language.  Even so, I am including three enlarged Information Cards with this game that have been translated into English.  These enlarged Information Cards allow for easier readability to determine hotel values and payouts at the time of merger.  They are printed on card stock for greater visibility and durability.

In addition, Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE are included.  These rules were designed to help eliminate the one-sided games that can occur during game play.

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