(1) 2020 MEGAcquire GOLD Board Game Brand New in Shrink Wrap

(image for) (1) 2020 MEGAcquire GOLD Board Game Brand New in Shrink Wrap
(1) 2020 MEGAcquire GOLD Board Game Brand New in Shrink Wrap


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This MEGAcquire GOLD Board Game comes with a Rule Booklet for a Condensed Version of MEGAcquire.

This is your chance to get one of the first 1,000 copies of this fantastic new board game, MEGAcquire GOLD. These games are in stock and ready to ship! The price per game is reduced if you purchase more than one game. View the chart at the bottom of this page for the discounted prices. Only the first 1,000 copies will contain a certificate that will be numbered and signed.  This allows you to secure a number between 500 and 1,000. The sooner you order, the lower your number will be.

Each MEGAcquire GOLD game is brand new in shrink wrap and contains the following components:
  • Game Board (182 Hexagon Spaces)
  • 182 Gold Hexagon Game Tiles
  • 14 Plastic Colored Company Markers
    • Seven (7) Hotel Markers (Three Different Sizes)
    • Seven (7) Corporation Markers (Three Different Sizes)
  • 25 Each Stock Certificates (350 Total)
  • 150 Prepaid Debit Cards (Four Different Denominations)
  • Six (6) Information Cards
  • Six (6) Plastic Tile Holders
  • One (1) Tile Bag
  • Instruction Booklet (Contains Sample Game and Stock Price Extension Chart)
  • Signed and Numbered Certificate of Authenticity

The game of MEGAcquire GOLD has some changes from the original game of MEGAcquire. In MEGAcquire GOLD, the board is black with a gold "honeycomb" and the tiles are black with gold designations.

The company markers are made in three different "3D building" shapes. There are four (4) small buildings for the low-priced companies, six (6) medium buildings for the medium-priced companies, and four (4) large buildings for the higher-priced companies.

The artwork for the Stock Certificates has been updated and the backs of the Stocks are printed. The play money has been replaced with Prepaid Debit Cards and the denominations have been raised to millions. The rule booklet contains a Sample Game and a Stock Price Extension Chart. The tile holders are also larger to better accommodate the hexagon tiles.

Visit the MEGAcquire GOLD section where you can read a comprehensive description of the game, view all the game components, read the Rules Booklet, and even view videos on how to play MEGAcquire GOLD.

If you want to play a game of MEGAcquire GOLD with only two players, I have developed rules that I call "Four Hand Volley." Check out Lloyd's Rules for Two-Player MEGAcquire for more information.

MEGAcquire GOLD Condensed Version Rule Booklet

MEGAcquire GOLD Condensed Version is designed for those who desperately want to play a game of MEGAcquire GOLD, but just don’t have the time to play a full game. A condensed game of MEGAcquire GOLD can be completed in less than an hour and a half because you are utilizing only 108 spaces on the MEGAcquire game board, plus you are only playing with (7) hotels/companies. With this condensed version, you have all the excitement of MEGAcquire, but in a compact, quicker game.

For more information, visit MEGAcquire GOLD - Condensed Version.

Shipping will be charged based on your location. MEGAcquire GOLD will be shipped from the United States Zip Code 98632. This is a large game with many components and has a shipping weight of seven pounds per game.

If you plan to purchase other items on our website, we offer combined shipping. Please Contact Us, or email us at megacquire@hotmail.com, and let us know the items you need, and your zip code, and we will let you know a total price for your order.

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