MEGAcquire GOLD Special Powers Variant Kit


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This Special Powers Variant Kit fits the MEGAcquire GOLD game. There are five different Special Power Variants that can be used by each player during the game. These variants include drawing more tiles, purchasing extra stock, trading stock, playing extra tiles, and getting free stocks. It is up to the individual players as to when or if they use a Power Variant during game play.

Powers Variants were first introduced in the 1993 Schmidt Spiel German version of ACQUIRE and later by Avalon Hill in the 1995 edition of ACQUIRE. These editions of ACQUIRE were the only two editions to use the variants.

The variants were introduced in an attempt to help level the playing field of ACQUIRE and try to eliminate the one-sided games that can occur while playing the game. Even though that goal wasn't accomplished, these variants add another realm of strategy and intrigue to the game and are very interesting to utilize in game play.

This kit includes six (6) each of the five different Special Powers Variant markers, and an instruction booklet to explain the use of these markers during game play.

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