Set of Six (6) Information Cards for 1962 through 1995 Editions of ACQUIRE


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If you need to replace missing or damaged Information Cards in your 1962 through 1995 game of ACQUIRE, you can purchase a set of six (6) Information Cards here. These cards are in good condition and will conveniently fit into any 1962 through 1995 edition of ACQUIRE.

Since it is very difficult to read the small print on the original Information Cards for ACQUIRE, I will also include one (1) enlarged Information Card.  This enlarged Information Card is approximately four times larger than the original cards and is printed on yellow card stock for more prominent visibility and a longer lasting durability.  The enlarged Information Card is much easier to read, making it easier to determine the pricing of hotel chains.

The cost for this set of six (6) ACQUIRE Information Cards is $6.88, which includes FREE shipping within the United States.  Shipping charges will be added for shipping outside the United States. *

If you would like to purchase an additional set of six (6) Information Cards that includes one enlarged Information Card, the cost is $3.00 for each additional set.  The chart at the bottom of this page shows the cost per set depending on how many sets are purchased. 

For example:  You would like two sets of six (6) Information Cards that includes one large enlarged Information Card.  When you add two (2) sets to your Shopping Cart, it will automatically compute the price to be $9.88 for those two sets ($4.94 per set).  You can then proceed through checkout.

Shipping is free within the United States. A shipping charge will be added to ship this product internationally.*  Since these pieces can no longer be replicated, they are considered precious and quite valuable. ACQUIRE Information Cards are shipped first class mail in a Ziploc-type bag that is placed in a cardboard-lined fully-taped envelope.  A tracking number will be provided so that you are able to track its progress.

If you are interested in other items on our website, we do offer combined shipping. Please Contact Us, or email us at, and let us know the items you need, and your zip code, and we will let you know a total price for your order.

* International shipping is based on "First Class Package" as only documents can be sent in envelopes as "First Class Mail." That is the only option that USPS will allow for calculation on this product. However, if you are an international customer and you would like this product, Contact Me instead of going through the checkout process and I will send you an invoice for the cost of this product plus an additional $5.00 for the international shipping.
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