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Full Set (175) Reproduction Stock Certificates for 1999 ACQUIRE


If your 1999 Hasbro version of ACQUIRE has quite a few missing or damaged stock certificates, you can purchase a full set of reproduced stock certificates here.  This set contains 175 individual stock certificates that includes 25 stock certificates each for Phoenix, Quantum, Hydra, Fusion, America, Sackson, and Zeta.

These are stock certificates that have been reproduced.  They are printed on stiff, photo-quality paper (HP Premium Plus, Soft Gloss, 80 lbs.).  They are not perfect, in color or cut, but since replacements cannot be purchased from Hasbro, these allow you the ability to have a new set if your set is damaged or lost.

Reproduction Stock Certificates for the Hasbro's 1999 version of ACQUIRE
Reproduction Stock Certificates for the Hasbro's 1999 version of ACQUIRE
These stock certificates have squared edges (instead of the rounded edges found on the factory stocks) and there is no printing of the purple color or the word ACQUIRE on the back.  The backs are the plain white color that is found on the back of photo paper.

The 1999 edition of ACQUIRE is very expensive on the aftermarket.  It is just not feasible to break up games to sell a full set of factory stock certificates, so I've decided to offer this alternative.

The cost for this full set of reproduced stock certificates for the 1999 Hasbro version of ACQUIRE is $22.48, which includes FREE shipping within the United States.  Shipping charges will be added for shipping outside the United States.

Stock Certificates will be shipped immediately upon payment.  A tracking number will be provided so that you are able to track its progress.

If you are interested in learning about the history of ACQUIRE and the various versions of ACQUIRE that have been produced over the years, visit our History of ACQUIRE pages for an in-depth look at the game of ACQUIRE along with a glimpse into the future of ACQUIRE-inspired gaming.

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