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1962-95 ACQUIRE Game Reproduction Set of Money (1976 Style)


If your 1962 through 1995 version of ACQUIRE has missing, worn, or damaged play money, you can purchase a set of ACQUIRE play money here.

This money has been reproduced.  These sets are not perfect, in color or cut, but they are very good replacements for tired and worn sets.  The money is a reproduction of ACQUIRE's 1976 style and is in excellent condition.

Reproduction Set of Money for ACQUIRE (1976 Style)
Reproduction Set of Money for ACQUIRE (1976 Style)
This set of ACQUIRE play money consists of:
  • Forty (40) $100 Bills
  • Forty (40) $500 Bills
  • Fifty (50) $1,000 Bills
  • Forty (40) $5,000 Bills
The cost for this set of 1976-style money for ACQUIRE is $11.88, which includes FREE shipping within the United States.  Shipping charges will be added for shipping outside the United States.

Play money will be shipped immediately upon payment.  A tracking number will be provided so that you are able to track its progress.

If you are interested in learning about the history of ACQUIRE and the various versions of ACQUIRE that have been produced over the years, visit our History of ACQUIRE pages for an in-depth look at the game of ACQUIRE along with a glimpse into the future of ACQUIRE-inspired gaming.

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