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Set of Six (6) Information Cards for 1962-95 ACQUIRE Game


Set of ACQUIRE information cards so you can replace the missing or worn information cards from your game and make it playable again.
                                  The Fantastic Game of ACQUIRE

This listing is for a set of (3) enlarged information cards for 1962 through 1995 edition games of ACQUIRE. Information cards are in very good condition and are printed on yellow card stock for better visibility and longer lasting durability. These enlarged information cards will fit conveniently ACQUIRE Information Cardsinto your edition of ACQUIRE. These cards are approximately four times larger than the original ACQUIRE information cards. sThe cost of these (3) enlarged information cards is $4.48 which includes free shipping within the United States. Shipping will be added for international shipping outside of the U.S.

Additional sets of (3) enlarged information cards would cost $1.00 each. So if you chose a quantity of two sets of (3) your total would be $5.48 and you would receive (6) enlarged information cards.

 Since it is very difficult to read the small print on the original information cards these enlarged information cards make game play much easier. The main purpose of a game is to have fun and not to have to labor to play the game. These information cards will allow you to keep the glasses in the case.

Information cards are shipped First Class Mail in a ziploc baggie that is placed in a cardboard lined, fully taped envelope. A tracking number will be provided so that you can track your shipments progress.

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