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Set of 3 Replacement Stock Certificates for 1962/63 ACQUIRE Game


Individual printed back ACQUIRE stock certificates so you can replace the missing stock certificates from your game and make it playable again.
                                  The Fantastic Game of ACQUIRE

This listing is for a set of (3) stock certificates for a 1962/63 edition game of ACQUIRE. Stocks are in very good condition and are from an original edition of ACQUIRE. The stock certificates from these editions have the printed backs with the 3M logo. The cost of one set of (3) stocks is $5.26 which in1962-63 Printed Back Stockscludes free shipping within the United States. Shipping will be added for international shipping outside of the U.S.

 If additional stock certificates are needed, the cost is $1.78 per set of (3). The chart at the bottom shows the cost per set of (3), including shipping to the U.S., depending on how  many sets of (3) are purchased. For example: Your ACQUIRE game is missing six stock certificates ((2) American, (2) Imperial, a Festival and a Tower) and you need to replace them. When you add two sets of (3) stocks to your "Shopping Cart", it will automatically compute the price at $7.04 ($3.52 per set) for those six stock certificates with shipping to the U.S. You can then proceed to checkout.

If there are a number of stock certificates that you need and that number is not divisible by three, then
you can Contact Us to inquire about special pricing. Each additional stock certificate sell for 60 cents each. For example: If you need four stock certificates and you live in the United States, then we can send you an invoice for $5.86. That total includes $5.26 for the first set of (3) stock certificates and 60 cents for the fourth one.

Another example would be if you needed eleven stock certificates. We would send you an invoice for $10.02. That total includes $8.82 for the first three sets of (3) and $1.20 for the two additional stock certificates. We are committed to making the process of fixing your ACQUIRE game as simple as possible and get you playing again.
After completing the purchase, you will need to Contact Us to let us know what stock certificates you may need. After you have let us know your specifications, w
e will ship your order immediately. Stock Certificates are shipped First Class Mail in a ziploc baggie that is placed in a cardboard lined, fully taped envelope. A tracking number will be provided so that you can track your shipments progress.

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