Set of 3 Replacement Stock Certificates for 1962/63 ACQUIRE Game


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If you are missing any stock certificates for your 1962/1963 version of ACQUIRE, you can purchase three (3) replacement certificates here.  The stock certificates from these editions have the printed backs with the 3M logo and are in very good condition from original games of ACQUIRE.

The cost of three (3) replacement stock certificates is $5.26, which includes FREE shipping within the United States.  Shipping charges will be added for shipping outside the United States.*

If additional stock certificates are needed, the cost is $1.78 for each additional set of three (3) stock certificates.  The chart at the bottom of this page shows the cost per set of three (3) stock certificates depending on how many sets are purchased.  Remember, one (1) set equals three (3) stock certificates.  The prices in the chart below include free shipping to the United States.  As stated above, shipping charges will be added for shipping outside the United States.

Replacement Stock Certificates for 1962/1963
versions of ACQUIRE

Replacement Stock Certificates
for 1962/1963 versions of ACQUIRE

For example:  Your ACQUIRE game is missing six stock certificates (one each of American, Luxor, Continental and Festival, and then two Imperial).  You want to replace them.  To order those certificates, add the quantity (2) to your shopping cart, which means you are purchasing two (2) sets of three (3) certificates for a total of six (6) replacement certificates.  When you add two (2) sets of replacement stock certificates to your Shopping Cart, it will automatically compute the price to be $7.04 for those six (6) stock certificates ($3.52 per set).  You can then proceed through checkout.

If there are a number of stock certificates that you need, and that number is not divisible by three, then you can Contact Us to ask for special pricing.  Each additional individual stock certificate sells for 60 cents.  For example:  If you need four replacement stock certificates, and live within the United States, then we would send you an invoice for $5.86.  That total includes $5.26 for the first set of three certificates and then 60 cents for the additional stock certificate.

Another example would be if you need eleven stock certificates.  We would then send you an invoice for $10.02.  That total includes $8.82 for the first three sets and then $1.20 for the additional two stock certificates.  Conversely, if you need four stock certificates, you can just purchase two sets of three certificates and then arbitrarily choose two other stock certificates as extras.  This allows you to go directly through checkout without waiting for an invoice. 

After completing your purchase, Contact Us.  Let us know you've purchased replacement stock certificates and which certificates you need.  Once we have that information, we will get them shipped out to you right away.

Stock certificates are shipped first class mail in a Ziploc-type bag that is placed in a cardboard-lined fully-taped envelope.  A tracking number will be provided so that you are able to track its

*(International shipping is based on "First Class Package" as only documents can be sent in envelopes as "First Class Mail." That is the only option that USPS will allow for calculation on this product. However, if you are an international customer and you would like this product, send me an e-mail to request an invoice instead of going through the checkout process and I will send you an invoice for the U.S. total plus an additional $5 for the international shipping.)
Discounted Price per Unit based on Quantity Purchased
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