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1999 Plastic Tile (3) Kit Set-WT/Powers/1963 Conversion


Three Variation Kits that allow hours and hours of ever changing fun in your ACQUIRE experience. Use them separate or together.
     1999 ACQUIRE Game Wild Tile, Special Powers Variants & 1963 World Map Conversion Kit

 This Wild Tile Kit fits the 1999 Hasbro gray tile games This kit allows each player to start with a blank tile that can be played anytime during the game when it is their turn. The Wild Tile Kit includes six (6) blank tiles and an instructiPlastic Wild Tile Kiton booklet. The instruction booklet is printed on yellow card stock for maximum durability and readability.
This listing also includes a Special Powers Variants Kit
that fits any ACQUIRE game. There are five different Special Powers Variants that can be used by each player during game play. These variants include drawing more tiles, purchasing extra stock, trading stock, playing extra tiles, and obtaining free stocks. Special Powers Variants Kit

Special Powers Variants were first introduced in ACQUIRE 1993 produced by Schmidt Spiel of Germany and then late in Avalon Hill's 1995 edition of ACQUIRE. These two editions were the only two edition of ACQUIRE to use these variants. These variants were introduced to help level the playing field of the game of ACQUIRE and are an interesting twist to an old favorite.

The original World Map edition of ACQUIRE used varying amounts of stocks for each hotel and the 1963 World Map Conversion Kit will allow players to use that same concept and play with the following stock amounts:

1999 World Map Conversion Kit(22) Fusion Stock Certificates
(24) America Stoc
k Certificates
(26) Hydra Stock Certificates
(29) Zeta Stock Certificates
(31) Sackson Stock Certificates
(33) Phoenix Stock Certificates
(35) Quantum Stock Certificates

The 1963 World Map Conversion Kit consists of the following items to allow you to convert your 1999 Hasbro edition of ACQUIRE.

1963 World Map Info Card 19991963 Style Instruction Booklet (White Card Stock)
(6) 1963 Style Information Cards (Yellow Card Stock)
(1) Hydra Stock Certificate
(3) Zeta Stock Certificates
(6) Sackson Stock Certificates
(8) Phoenix Stock Certificates
(10) Quantum Stock Certificates

The 1963 World Map Conversion Kit allows a quantity of 60 stocks to be shuffled and randomly dealt out to the players before the beginning of game play. The amount of each company stock to be distributed is listed on the information cards. The rest of the certificates are kept in the bank for purchase during the game. Players can only purchase one stock certificate per turn. All stocks begin at the same price level.

This concept allows mystery during the entire game as to the holdings of all the players. It is harder to establish strategy for gaining majority when the available amounts vary an the knowledge of other players holdings are unknown. The decision of choosing a company when 1963 World Map Conversion Instructionsopening is predicated on the hand that is held from the original dealing of stock.

Since players are only allowed to purchase one stock certificate per turn, their money supply will usually last longer. Most players never run out of money throughout the entire game. The other benefit derived from the lower amount of stock purchases is that the players ability to make quicker decisions for purchases is enhanced. Therefore, the rest of the players are not waiting as long for the other players to finish their turns.

Play your game of ACQUIRE in a manner that allows mystery and a little bit of nostalgia. With the 1963 World Map Conversion Kit you ACQUIRE game can go back in time to the way ACQUIRE was played over 50 years ago.

Adding to these three kits are Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE. These rules were designed to help eliminate the one-sided games that can occur frequently during ACQUIRE game play.

Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE

Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIREACQUIRE is a fantastic game and a huge tribute to the intellect of Sid Sackson. Yet after my first experience with the game I felt the rules needed some adjustments to increase the ability of the game to attract new players. I wanted the game to have a broader appeal to more of my friends. The more friends I could get to enjoy the game, the more chances I had to play the game. I accomplished this by creating a way for players to stay involved in the game even if they didn't have any money. I also crated a level playing field for obtaining stock while at the same time increasing the strategic maneuvering of stock purchasing.

Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE allows trading of stock when a player is out of money. The player can get rid of stocks that do not help within their portfolio. It allows these players to try and maintain majorities in the companies that are most important to them. It also allows the ability for a player to invest on every turn to potentially increase the value of their portfolio without the fear of being "stuck" with those purchases when they are ultimately out of money.

Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE eliminates the 2-for-1 trade rule when companies merge. In the corporate world of hostile takeovers, it is veryLloyd's Rules Inside seldom that the conquering company offers the shareholders of the vanquished company a cut-rate bargain for the stocks of the conquering company. The 2-for-1 trade creates the possibility for a person who holds majority in the conquering company to lose that majority to numerous shareholders because they decided to sacrifice their small company. It also decreases the strategy level of obtaining majorities and skews the game into more of a factor of luck and not skill. In Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE the players of the vanquished company are given payout for their companies and their shares and they can invest that money wherever they chose when it is their proper turn.

Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE are printed into a convenient 10-page booklet that is printed on yellow card stock for long lasting durability and it fits neatly into the original versions of this timeless classic. This booklet can be used to replace old, worn, or lost rules as they conveniently have the original rules of ACQUIRE fully printed with Lloyd's changes to the rules printed in red.

This 10-page booklet also includes a Stock Price Extension chart. This chart helps when figuring out payouts at times of mergers and at the end of the game. This chart helps eliminate the need for a calculator or a math professor. Lloyd's Rules of ACQUIRE can be used in all editions of ACQUIRE from 1962-2008. The can also be used in the international editions of ACQUIRE.


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