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We offer many replacement parts for ACQUIRE board games including tiles, stock certificates, money and information cards.

We have parts for wood tile games, plastic tile games, the 1995 cardboard edition and the 1999 Hasbro edition.

If there are parts you need that we don't have listed, please Contact Us at and we will let you know if we have the part available.

Shipping is free for all ACQUIRE replacement parts shipped within the USA.  Shipping charges apply for products shipped outside the USA.

If you are interested in reading about all the various versions of ACQUIRE that have been produced over the years, please visit our History of ACQUIRE pages. 

1999 ACQUIRE Game Board

1999 ACQUIRE Game Board

This listing is for a 1999 ACQUIRE game board. This game board is in excellent condition. The cost for this game board is $12.88, which includes...
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